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The Wolpoff Family Foundation funds programs and activities that are primarily located in Montgomery County, Maryland and benefit Montgomery County residents.

Programs should encourage, support or expand activities related to community, career development, education, medical research, or arts & culture. Programs should meet a demonstrated need and be well defined with a measurable impact or outcome.

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The annual Grant program will award grants to tax exempt organizations as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. To apply, organizations must be in operation for a minimum of five years. These grants will be awarded for specific initiatives or endeavors that align with the Wolpoff Family Foundation’s mission. 

Grants will not be awarded for ongoing operating support, endowments, capital construction, fundraising campaigns or efforts to influence legislation or public elections, or to pay off existing debts or deficits. Grants will not be awarded to individuals.

Our efforts are focused in a specific geographic region and generally fall within the categories outlined. However, we are willing to consider requests outside of our stated scope on a limited basis, should that request align well with our stated mission.

If you have a specific request that falls within the intent of our mission and program areas, we welcome your inquiry. To be considered for an invitation to apply for a grant, please submit 1) a brief introduction to your organization, 2) a short description of the program for which you are requesting support, 3) proof of 501(c)(3) status, and 4) your contact information, to Inquiries to apply are accepted from Jan. 2 through Feb. 29, 2024.

Once invited to apply, please submit your request in 400 words or less, by PDF email attachment, formatted as single letter-size page, double return between paragraphs, using a basic font at a minimum of 12 point size. If you have supporting materials that you would like to share, please attach those separately (in PDF form).

Grant applications are extended by invitation only, and are accepted from April 1 through May 10, 2024. Please note: our maximum grant for first time grantees is $15,000.

If your organization has been invited to re-apply, please submit your report and grant request by May 31, 2024 using the same instructions as described above.

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