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Founded in 2007 by Harry Wolpoff (1938-2018) and several family members, The Wolpoff Family Foundation is dedicated to helping organizations that empower individuals, especially during times of transitions. We are interested in organizations that help people move from crisis to stability in their lives. Additional program areas include medical research and the arts.

Board of

Carol Wolpoff

Suzanne Oliwa
Executive Director

Sharon Wolpoff
Grants Committee Director

Adrienne Wolpoff
Donors Committee Director

Ron Staines

Grants are individually tailored to meet the needs of recipient organizations. Those needs may be met by “direct hit” funding for a specific, clearly articulated expense, or “contribution” funding, which will allow for unspecified spending at the discretion of the organization or its designated representative.

While efforts are focused within Montgomery County, Maryland and the surrounding DC metropolitan area, the board is willing to consider requests from outside of the targeted geographical region.


Our Mission

It is the mission of the Wolpoff Family Foundation to attract, support and motivate established organizations that demonstrate true vision.  To be considered established, an organization must have been up and running for at least 5 consecutive years.

We are eager to champion organizations that create opportunities for others. Included would be opportunities to learn something new, stimulate creativity, strengthen community or advance research.

The Wolpoff Family Foundation enjoys supporting its community, and may seek direct involvement with recipient organizations.

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